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Studio LA is a class focused fitness studio located at 1512 Albright Avenue in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The initiative behind our studio is to create an inviting and supportive atmosphere for everyone to push themselves to better health. Our “Studio Class Concept” provides a welcoming format for clients of all fitness levels to feel comfortable. We differentiate ourselves from other gyms in the area with our unique classes and group circuit training style that encourages our clients to work together and make progress. Studio LA makes sure to be your support system while you meet and exceed all of your fitness and health goals.

Our clients will have the chance to become a part of our growing family. Studio LA seeks to break the boundaries of fitness and present a workout that provides our clients with results. Whether you are a beginner or are looking for a change in your traditional workout, we have a class that meets your individual fitness level. Every member of our staff is a well-trained fitness coach and has many years of experience instructing fitness classes across Northeastern Pennsylvania. Studio LA wants to provide all our clients with a fun, safe place to workout and become healthy.

What's New at Studio LA


Studio LA has purchased FIVE new Asuna Spin Bikes to accommodate the influx of members and guests taking our classes. We hope that the addition of five Spin bikes will help all the recent over-flow we have been seeing. Stop in today, take a spin class, and enjoy the new Asuna Spin Bikes!


We are so excited to be able to provide our members and guests with this high intensity cardio and toning workout. What makes this different than anything we offer is the one on one attention-similar to our personal training sessions. During Boot Camp, you will complete 22 stations that target your core, upper, and lower body. It’s the best way to start your Friday! You can catch Boot Camp every Friday from 5:30-6:30pm. Please sign up in the Main Office for Boot Camp! If you cannot attend Boot Camp, please let us know by that Friday at 10:30am. Boot Camp is included in your membership and for non members it's $10.

Personal Trainers at Studio LA NEPA

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Allan Souza
Personal Trainer & Zumba Instructor

Allan Souza, 31, is the Creator of Brazilian Fit, Zumba Instructor, and Certified Personal Trainer. Born and raised in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, Allan has always had a passion for music and dance. After he and his family moved to the United States, his passion only intensified as he was exposed to different styles of music and dance. (more…)

Lisa Lavelle
Personal Trainer & Certified Health Coach

Lisa has earned the distinction as one of NEPA’s top fitness professionals and is uniquely qualified as a Certified Health Coach from the internationally renowned Institute of Integrative Nutrient. Believing you can’t out train a bad diet, Lisa brings a blended approach to training that has produced remarkable results for her clients! Lisa has been credited with changing the lives of countless individuals through her caring and compassionate style. Lisa is dedicated to living a balance lifestyle and brings a real world attitude to all her trainings and classes. (more…)

Maureen Hoban
Personal Trainer

Maureen Hoban has been a fitness enthusiast for years before becoming a Spin Instructor. Maureen is an avid runner, having participated in multiple half-marathons. In addition to Spin and Running, Maureen credits Yoga in restoring balance to her busy life. Maureen became interested in Spin by taking Lisa’s classes and you can still see her participating in many of our classes. You can catch Maureen’s Spin class Wednesday’s at 4:30pm(more…)

Meghan Luongo
Personal Trainer

Meghan received her certified for spin after I finding Spin was the most effective way to lose her baby weight after the birth of her son in 2010. She quickly became addicted to it and jumped at the chance to show her passion for the class through teaching! Meghan teaches in the same style as Lisa because Lisa’s style had a huge impact on her as a student. Meghan likes to use “techno/house” music to keep her classes upbeat and lively. (more…)

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New Classes

Powerstrike Kickboxing Powerstrike Kickboxing combines martial arts and fitness aerobics into a heart-pumping, energizing hour of choreographed punches and kicks. Powerstrike guides you through the proper execution of martial arts movements, making it safe for all fitness levels, and encourages stud

Feed a Friend Program

During the month of November, Studio LA will have a collection bin for non-perishable items. All items donated will be given to United Neighborhood Center’s Feed a Friend Program. This program serves over 1,500 families in Northeast Pennsylvania. Please donate what you can to help families in

Meet the Trainer: Karen Ritter

Karen, Studio LA’s Hiit-Lates Instructor, is a powerhouse of energy, creativity, and strength. Karen states her passion for fitness started later in life after turning 27. Karen began taking dance classes, walking, and using work out DVD’s before joining a gym. At the gym, she experiment
Personal Trainer

Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Using a personal trainer is probably one of the most beneficial perks at your gym that you are not using. But why haven’t you tried one? Maybe you’re afraid or embarrassed at the thought of having someone critique you, or maybe you just don’t think it is worth the investment. Trust us wh